Kamagra Effervescent Tablets 100mg


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Producer: Ajanta pharma limited.

The package contains: 7 effervescent tablets, tube.

Price discounts from 2 packages.

Kamagra Effervescent 100mg - original drugs for potency for men.

The minimum order is one package, containing 7 tablets of the drug.

If you want to order more than 10 packages, please contact us - we offer very large price discounts.


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What is Kamagra effervescent 100mg?

Kamagra effervescent tablets 100mg is a potency-enhancing drug for adult men suffering from erectile dysfunction. It occurs in the form of tablets, dissolved in water, as well as popular tablets with plusz vitamins.

How does the original Kamagra product look like effervescent tablets 100mg?

Kamagra in the form of effervescent tablets is a package, a tube containing 7 orange pastilles to dissolve in water. The tablet dissolves quickly and stains water to an orange color. This form of the drug is very easily absorbed and its effect is very fast to observe.

What action does Kamagra effervescing 100mg tablets give you?

Kamagra in effervescent tablets works on the same principle as its tablet counterparts to swallow. The drug improves blood circulation and blood flow to the male reproductive organs, which allows to achieve a satisfactory level of erection and allows to maintain it much longer. The drug works only at the moment of sexual arousal, not non-stop, which can be accepted even in a situation in which we can not afford sexual arousal.

What is the composition of Kamagra effervescent tablets 100mg?

Kamagra consists primarily of a substance called Sildenafil. He is responsible for improving blood circulation and blood flow. In each one tablet Kamagra in effervescent tablets is 100mg of the agent. It is the only active ingredient in the medicine, which also contains a flavoring substance, as well as several other non-active, i.e. less important ingredients. All other components of the drug are available in the package leaflet that comes with the medicine.

Is it safe to use Kamagra effervescent tablets 100mg?

Yes, if we meet a few conditions first. Certainly, before taking any medicine for potency, it is necessary to contact your doctor and inform him if you want to take the medicine. You should also inform him about the name and composition of the drug. If the doctor does not find any contraindications, you can safely take the medicine, but remember not to combine it with alcohol or fat meals.

Effervescent Kamagry in 100mg plush should not be used by people with:

-Cardiovascular disease


-sensitivity to Sildenafil Citrate

- Severe kidney or liver damage

-A previous heart attack


Possible side effects:



- Redness on the face with a feeling of warmth

- Deficiency of the body and fainting

Side effects occur in only 2% of the patients examined. Despite the many side effects, Effervescent 100mg in plush is still a safe product.

The drug should be stored out of reach and invisible to children.
The most suitable storage temperature is 15 - 25 ° C, in a dark and dry place.
Do not use after the expiry date stated on the packaging.


We guarantee unforgettable moments and intoxicating nights thanks to Effervescent 100mg Kamagra tablets only from eu.KAMAGRA.NET.PL - Your reliable pharmacy.

Why is it worth choosing kamagre:

If we are going to buy and use medication for potencies, then we should consider which of these medics are the best for our body and how they work, thanks to which you will be more satisfied with their use, because they will be more effective. When it comes to drugs for potency, you should not only suggest their price but the ingredient from which they are made and adjust the ingredient to your body. Often, some of these tablets have their cheaper counterparts and sometimes it is worth reaching for them. Often, such a good replacement is Kamagra, or the mirror image of the popular Viagra. Their composition is exactly the same, that's why both drugs are just as effective, but Kamagra from Ajanta Pharma is much cheaper and can be bought without a prescription. So if you are looking for a medicine as effective as the popular but expensive blue pill, it is worth to bet on this medicine. Drugs for potencies not only you buy in our online pharmacy via various ways of shipping, but also you can pick it up on any selected Polish mail - the choice is yours. As for our online pharmacy, we have by far the best price. Kamagra contains sildenafil in a pure form with a dose of 100 milligrams.
This substance causes the erection to be longer and stronger, thanks to which sexual intercourse is possible and lasts much longer. Sildenafil contains almost every drug in tablets for potency, it also occurs in the form of gel or tablets for dissolution in water. If you want the pills, gels or plumps you take to be effective, then put on those that are based on this substance, and you certainly will not be disappointed.

 Can you combine kamagre with alcohol:

The problem of alcohol with erection and ejaculation is often discussed. Although a small dose of alcohol can facilitate the approximation and reduce stress, abundant or frequent consumption of large doses of alcohol has a very large impact on the blood vessels of our body and the ability to obtain the right erection and ejaculation. It is also normal that a person who is able to use a large dose of alcohol who has serious problems with balancing or speaking, will not only be an unattractive sex partner, but will also be unable to have sexual intercourse.

The secondary important issue is that alcohol in the body triggers reactions with a similar mechanism as orgasm, so constant stimulation caused by very high intake of this substance may reduce sensitivity to other stimuli, including sexual arousal.

Over-consumption of continuous alcohol abuse is the cause of various liver disorders, which significantly reduces the amount of testosterone produced by it. The deficiency of this male hormone reduces sex drive, which translates into less interest in sexual intercourse and weaker response to stimulation by the partner.

Sildenafil - a component of kamagra and alcohol:

Potency tablets (Kamagra or sildenafil 100mg) help to achieve the desired erection, sexual intercourse and getting ejaculated, taking in large doses of alcohol, while dramatically reducing sexual abilities. Therefore, when taking treatment with preparations for potency and premature ejaculation, you must completely give up drinking large doses of alcohol. It allows you to take full advantage of the potential of the substance contained in them and obtain the maximum effect, that is satisfaction with the intercourse. High doses of alcohol can completely neutralize the effects of tablets on potency, and in addition, through interaction with the drug components may also exacerbate side effects and cause complications. It should be accepted that large doses are the enemy of a successful sexual intercourse, it is one of the basic stages of treatment of potency and erectile dysfunction.

Interesting facts :

A few words about the 100mg kamagra manufacturer:

Ajanta Pharma is a pharmaceutical specialist company engaged in the production, development and introduction of high-quality medicines to the global market. Are Involved in "Serve Health Care Needs Worldwide", they produce a wide range of specialty products targeted at various therapeutic segments in patient treatment, tailored to each market they are present in. They understand the needs of their clients and use the latest technologies to implement innovative products.

The Ajanta company operates 7 state-of-the-art production plants. Five in India and two in Mauritius. Five facilities in India have been successfully approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. They continue to expand their production capabilities to meet the growth requirements in the future.

Branded generic business is spreading in India and over 30 emerging countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. In India, they are present in developed highly specialized segments of cardiology, pain management, dermatology and ophthalmology in which they are able to provide invariably innovative products, many of which are in the first place on the market for the comfort and health of the patient.

In Emerging Markets, they are the main donors of branded generic products, such markets are in Asia and Africa. They have designed a personalized basket of products for each of these markets and support a large range of therapeutic segments, even such as antimalarial, antibacterial, antidiabetic, cardiological, orthopedic, pediatric, gynecological, respiratory and general products.

They also have an advanced Research and Development Center for ready-made preparations and the synthesis of the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) of various dosage forms. Their research and development center has a team of over 860 scientists working on innovative products for various markets around the world. They gained great ability to develop generic preparations and chemical processes over the years.

They are gradually building a larger presence in the US market thanks to a selected product portfolio that includes complex technological products to gain a competitive advantage in the market. They expect the US market to be their key growth driver in the coming years.

The Institutional Activities of this Company include deliveries to various governmental bodies in India and the supply of anti-malaria products as part of programs approved by the World Health Organization in Africa.

Ajanta Pharma Limited employs over 6,500 people worldwide and their products are sold in over 30 countries. The team members of Ajanta are forced to fulfill their (mission) or commitment to "meet the needs of global healthcare through empathy, innovation and technology"



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Kamagra Effervescent Tablets 100mg

Kamagra Effervescent Tablets 100mg

Producer: Ajanta pharma limited.

The package contains: 7 effervescent tablets, tube.

Price discounts from 2 packages.

Kamagra Effervescent 100mg - original drugs for potency for men.

The minimum order is one package, containing 7 tablets of the drug.

If you want to order more than 10 packages, please contact us - we offer very large price discounts.